How to Write Search Engine Optimized Articles

Writing articles that are Search Engine Optimized

It isn't important why you're writing, whether it's for a personal website, your blog, or to promote your business. Ultimately, you're missing out on a ton of free traffic if you fail to optimize your writing for better search engine results. The fact is, a lot of webmasters and Internet marketers don't focus on SEO focused articles because that just adds up to the work, but not doing it simply means that you're leaving money on the table. You don't need to go to a lot of effort to write articles designed to get consistent attention and traffic from the search engines.

Play around With Keyword Phrases: Zero in on 20 or 30 solid keywords and phrases that you can rotate throughout various articles. Include the keyword phrase in the article's title once you've come up with a witty and informative article idea. In order to really understand the science of SEO, you should learn to experiment with various keyword phrases and combinations. Sure, you'll make some mistakes but these mistakes will teach you a great deal about ideal keyword placement.

Have a Smooth Flow in Your Resource Box: When you are writing the resource box for your article and put in your keyword phrase, ensure that it has a natural flow. It shouldn't look like you've deliberately tried to put in the keyword in the resource box. Your readers should not have to search for the connection between your article and resource box. This means that it has to be in place in every way possible. Remember that your article's read this resource box is a very important element. This is where you will give your readers a reason to come to your website or blog.

Don't Use Misspelled Keywords: There is a pattern going around in which many article marketers are doing in which they put incorrectly spelled keywords in articles to get ranked. The bad thing get more info is that you will not get a lot of read this traffic from using misspelled keywords.

In addition, it messes up the general quality of the article and makes it seem unprofessional. Who would want to look at an article that contained plenty of spelling errors? You know what you were attempting to accomplish, but the reader does not. So they will just turn away from your order and search for the keyword spelled the right way.

In conclusion, this article shows how importance it is to use the search engines to get the most value out of your articles and get them exposed to your readers. It will take some time if you are new to using SEO. But, in the long run, you will see that the organic traffic you receive from the search engines is very good. This is because you do not have to dish out any extra cash for it or do much work for it either. So begin writing good SEO focused articles.

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